Don’t I need lots of money to trade?

Well yes and no. You will eventually need some money to do your trades. You will also have to buy some business cards and maybe have some pamphlets printed. But business cards can be had for R160 for 250 cards, and pamphlets or flyers can be bought for as little … Continue reading

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) – UNISA

In terms of the recognition of prior learning (RPL), your skills and knowledge will be identified and then assessed against your specific Unisa qualification, irrespective of how and where you acquired those skills and knowledge. These could have been obtained through informal training, on-the-job experience or even life experience and … Continue reading

Some more trading tips

You face two challenges. The first is to find a product to sell. The second is to find someone to buy your products. Unbelievable, there are several avenues or channels that have created in your area to facilitate both activities. Online classifieds such as Gumtree, OLX and/or BidorBuy can be … Continue reading

Start an online business from home

This useful article by Mark Woodbury from UpwardExits describes how an online business can be started and provides useful ideas to spur you on to creating your own online business. To read the full article, click here. … Continue reading

What about trading your way to a living?

Trading? What is trading? Trading is about buying and selling things. A trader – someone that trades – is a person who first seeks out things to buy, and thereafter seeks out individuals or firms that will buy what he or she has just acquired, obviously for a profit. Traders … Continue reading

What about university study without a matric?

Although most universities will require that you have matric in order to study with them even in order to do a short-learning programme (i.e. a one-year certificate course), there are some registration rules that may enable you to gain access to a non-formal university education, without a matric. UNISA offers … Continue reading

What skills do I need to trade?

To become a successful local trader, you need to have an enquiring and creative mind, energy, a pleasant personality and a determined attitude. You need to have an enquiring mind to come up ideas of where to find new products. As you travel around your suburb, you should be looking … Continue reading